Produce Department

The Importance of Local Produce

Something that we have done for a long time at Landis Supermarket is buy local produce. The farms in Lancaster Co. and the surrounding area bring so much value to our produce department and to our customers that it’s worth every truck ride west. The produce pinnacle is biting into a juicy-ripe peach or slicing into a perfectly crisp watermelon, and we know where the best comes from.

The benefits go further than just taste though! Our buyers go to auction and get the best produce at the right price, and that value gets passed along to our customers. The local farmers that we support reinvest their earnings from the auction to grow their farms, and we do it all again the following week.

Local Produce – strengthening our local economy by providing you with better tasting produce at even better prices. Now, that’s why we believe in eating local.

Landis Produce: Really Fresh & Really Local

Local produce is always from less than 50 miles away!

Your local produce is not stuck on the bottom of a truck from 800 miles & 20 hours away = less chance of getting bruised!

Produce so fresh it could have been in the field yesterday!

We cut out the middleman to get you great prices!

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