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Scratch? Now that’s a term that doesn’t get used too often anymore. Most bakeries that operate at a high volume are eliminating “scratch” from their vocabulary; they just can’t truthfully make that claim anymore. And honestly, you can taste it! Scratch means baking with ingredients in their simplest, most natural forms – flour, sugar, milk, butter, eggs to name a few – rather than using a manufactured mix to speed the production process along.

All of Mrs. Benner’s recipes represent home baked, “made from scratch” goodness. Our team of bakers takes pride in using her recipes to make the very best cakes, pies, breads and specialty desserts – no shortcuts and no added preservatives. We only use the freshest ingredients rather than cheaper alternatives and mixes because we know the difference matters. When you see a product with the Mrs. Benner’s label on it, we guarantee that it has been made with you, the customer in mind. And we know you will enjoy every bite!

Featured Favorites

There are over seventy-five Mrs. Benner's Scratch Baked items, but here are some of the headliners!

Funny Cake

Funny Cake

A cake in a pie crust where the chocolate sauce poured on top ends up on the bottom after baking? I suppose that is funny in a scratch-your-head kind of way, enough to earn the name “Funny Cake.” This Pennsylvania Dutch treat goes back generations, and the fact that we find ourselves baking hundreds at a time means they’re not going anywhere. Treat yourself to a slice with your morning coffee, or keep it company with a scoop of ice cream for dessert. We’ve seen our Funny Cake eaten in every way and in shockingly large quantities, which is why we went ahead and made the World’s Largest Funny Cake – two feet in diameter to share with everyone you know.

Shoo-Fly Pie

Shoo-Fly Pie

Mrs. Benner’s Famous Shoo-Fly Pie, like many of her recipes, has the versatility to be eaten at any point during the day. It has been covertly living a double life as both breakfast and dessert for quite some time now, and no one is protesting. A Shoo-Fly Pie can be described as an overachieving coffee cake that features a gooey molasses bottom and a generous dusting of our famous brown crumbs. Depending on your preference level for “goo” on the bottom, we have a variation for everyone.

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread

Pumpkin is a trendy flavor that shows up every autumn, gets unnecessarily involved with every single food and drink and then takes a nine month leave of absence. The pumpkin in our bread is real, actually tastes good and isn’t going anywhere all year long because it would cause an uproar. Throw in a few chocolate chips and you have one of the most popular Mrs. Benner’s products on our shelves. Pick up a loaf, maybe two, and you will understand.

Mail Order Funny Cakes, Shoo-Fly Pies and Hard Tack

Send a great tasting gift to family and friends near and far. We ship Mrs. Benner's 'Made from Scratch' Shoo Fly Pies, Funny Cake and Hard Tack anywhere in the continental U.S.

Price includes your choice of two of the following (10-Inch Shoo Fly, 10-Inch Funny Cake or 9-Inch Hard Tack), packaging of product and USPS Priority Mail Shipping.

East of the Mississippi$43.99
West of the Mississippi$48.99

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