Top 10 Weekly Deals

Prices Valid March 24 - March 30

1 Juicy
Certified Angus Beef <br>Boneless Whole Eye <br>Round Roasts
Certified Angus Beef
Boneless Whole Eye
Round Roasts
In the Cry-O-Vac
2 Tender
Hatfield Bone-In <br>Center Cut Pork Chops <br>or Country Style Ribs
Hatfield Bone-In
Center Cut Pork Chops
or Country Style Ribs
Fresh Family Packs
3 A Great Deal
Smithfield Bone-In <br>Spiral Sliced Half Hams
Smithfield Bone-In
Spiral Sliced Half Hams
Fresh, Limit 1/w GO! Card & $25 Purchase
4 Your Choice
Hatfield, Leidy's or <br>John F. Martin & Sons <br>Whole Boneless Hams
Hatfield, Leidy's or
John F. Martin & Sons
Whole Boneless Hams
Fresh, Limit 1/w GO! Card & $25 Purchase
5 Pop 'Em In Your Mouth!
Extra Large Red or Green <br>Seedless Grapes
Extra Large Red or Green
Seedless Grapes
6 Make An Easy Caprese Salad
Red Ripe <br>Plum Tomatoes
Red Ripe
Plum Tomatoes
7 A Delicious Treat
Tropical <br>Mangos
8 Stock Up And Save
Breyers <br>Ice Cream
Ice Cream
48 oz ctn., Selected Varieties
9 Made w/ Wholesome Oatmeal
Mrs. Benner's <br>Oatmeal Cake
Mrs. Benner's
Oatmeal Cake
10 Fresh Baked
Mrs. Benner's Snack Size <br>Coconut Cream Pie
Mrs. Benner's Snack Size
Coconut Cream Pie

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