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We pride ourselves in having a meat department that delivers excellent quality and freshness to your dinner table every time you visit us. The brands on our shelves are ones that you recognize and trust, and they include a bunch of our local favorites – Hatfield, Leidy's, Alderfer, John F. Martin & Sons and Godshall's, just to name a few!

Local brands allow us to give you the freshest, highest quality meats at the best prices you can find.

When it comes to the details of creating savory cuisine at home, our knowledgeable and friendly butchers are always happy to help. Don't be shy if you need a custom cut of meat or would like some cooking tips because we want your next meal to be one you'll never forget!

Certified Angus Beef

Certified Angus Beef at Landis

There is no quality standard that exceeds expectations the way that Certified Angus Beef does, delivering unbelievable flavor and texture in every single bite. It is truly an elite category that includes less than 1.5% of all beef, surpassing USDA Prime standards and meeting all ten quality specifications.

Take it home and taste the difference today.

When you pull a Certified Angus Beef steak off the grill for your friends and family, you know that you're serving them the best. You will always find a very wide selection of Certified Angus Beef at any of our stores.

Learn more about the quality and deliciousness of Certified Angus Beef at

Landis Delicatessen

Our deli is another place where you'll find all of your Pennsylvania favorites, guaranteeing the freshest products around. Additionally, you will find a wide range of specialty meats and cheeses from all over the world. This part of our Landis stores is where flavors of near and far meet, and that makes it one of our favorite spots to try something new.

At the deli counter, we are full-service with a lot of smiling faces ready to make sure you take home the right slice. If you're in a hurry, check out our pre-sliced selection and packaged homemade salads that are always fresh and ready to enjoy! Lunch will be fresh and flavorful all week after a stop at the Landis Delicatessen.

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