Shinji's Sushi

Made Fresh Daily at Landis Supermarkets

Shinji's Sushi has become an increasingly important part of what we do at Landis Supermarket since being introduced in 2012, and if you have ever tried their Spicy Tuna Roll, you know exactly why. The fresh made sushi, matched with the kindness of the chefs preparing it, always makes for a special culinary experience. And that's why Shinji's Sushi has grown its presence to include every single one of our stores.

Shinji's beliefs in the fundamental principles of Japanese culinary tradition bring together the freshest seasonal ingredients in ways that are balanced in simplicity and boldness. Ingredients are prepared with only degrees of rawness and are never overcooked. It is a way of preparation that respects the ingredients and keeps them near to their natural forms.

It is said that the sudden freshness of Japanese cuisine captures the attention like a whisper in the midst of shouts. Freshness, authenticity and artistry make Shinji the place to experience Japanese sushi tradition. Whether you just need a quick roll to-go or want to make a heroic appearance somewhere with a sushi platter in-hand, there is a beautifully crafted option prepared fresh, just for you.

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