Farm Fresh Local Produce

Landis’ Signature produce department delivers the finest quality fruits and vegetables for you every day.

We specialize in fresh local vine-ripened produce straight from Lancaster County available in season: Ripe juicy tomatoes, mouth-watering peaches, and juicy red ripe watermelon to name a few.

Check out our selection of Organic produce.



Healthy Eating with Fruit and Vegetables

Here are some ideas to add more fruit and vegetables to your diet...

Eat sandwiches or wraps that include several vegetables, such as mushrooms, tomoatoes, sprouts, green peppers, cucumbers or other raw vegetables.

Include a mixed green salad or a vegetable soup with your lunch or dinner.

Choose a baked potato or sweet potato in place of french fries.

Perk up deli salads like cole slaw, chicken or tuna with apple chunks, pineapple, or raisins.

Toss grapefruit and/or orange sections in a fresh crunchy salad of mixed greens. The sweet citrus and crisp lettuce are an incredible wake-up call for the taste buds, and the juice from the segments moistens each leaf.

Try tossing fruit into your green salads. Oranges, grapefruit or nectarine slices add extra flavor to your salad. 

Landis Markets Signature Produce Department carries everyday a full line of Fruit Gift Baskets or we would be happy to customize a basket for you. 48 hour notice on special orders, please.   

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