Landis GO! card Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is the Landis GO! card?
A: The Landis GO! card is a FREE rewards program where you can turn shopping into instant savings on gas!

2) Why should I get a Landis GO! card?
A: Your Landis GO! card will make you eligible for these exciting benefits and more…
-INSTANT gas savings on hundreds of items 52 weeks a year
-Double manufacturer’s coupons (up to 99¢)
-Rewards throughout the year
-Automatic sweepstakes entry
-Upromise college savings, and more benefits to come…

3) How do I get a Landis GO! card?
A: Sign up for your FREE Landis GO! card at any Landis Supermarket.  CLICK HERE for a printable enrollment form. Bring the completed form to any of our markets.

4) What happens to the information I provide on the application?
A: Your privacy is important to us here at Landis Supermarket, Inc.  The requested information is for the specific purpose of creating promotions, rewards and discounts for our customers.  Landis Supermarket will not sell your personal information or purchase information gathered as a result of your participation in the program. Landis Supermarket will uphold your confidentiality with the utmost respect and privacy. Check the back of the application or CLICK HERE to view the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

5) How do I earn gas savings with my Landis GO! card?
A: Look for hundreds of participating products throughout the store that are identified with the Landis GO! card shelf tag. These products feature Landis GO! points for gas savings.  Every time you purchase these participating products and scan your Landis GO! card in the same transaction, you will earn points redeemable for instant savings on gas.  As your point total increases, so does your gas savings!.

6) How do the Landis GO! points for gas savings work?
A: It’s simple - Check the bottom of your Landis grocery register receipt to view your total gas savings and Landis GO! point balance. CLICK HERE to check your point balance.   You will need your Landis GO! card to access your point information.

We’ll do the math for you. For every 300 points you earn, you’ll receive one cent discount for each gallon of gas you purchase, up to a maximum of fifteen gallons per redemption.  See examples below...

Sample Gas Savings...
Earn 300 points = Save 1¢ per gallon
Earn 600 points = Save 2¢ per gallon
Earn 900 points = Save 3¢ per gallon
Earn 1200 points = Save 4¢ per gallon

Earn 1500 points = Save 5¢ per gallon
and so on!

7) How often and how much can I earn in gas savings?
A: You can earn gas savings on hundreds of participating items every day, 52 weeks a year.  There is no limit to the amount of points you can earn. The more you purchase in participating products the more savings on gas you can earn.  From time to time, we may also offer additional gas savings based to your total grocery dollar purchase in our stores.

The more participating items you purchase, the greater your gas savings! Here’s an example...
If a participating item (identified with the Landis GO! shelf tag) features 300 points with purchase...
If you purchase one = You will earn 300 points which equals savings of 1¢ per gallon
If you purchase two = You will earn 600 points which equals savings of 2¢ per gallon
If you purchase three = You will earn 900 points which equals savings of 3¢ per gallon
and so on!

8) How do I redeem my points for gas savings?
A: Take your Landis GO! card to our Fuel Center located at the Landis Supermarket in Telford or a participating fuel partner*.  Swipe your Landis GO! card at the pump.  This must be done first to redeem points. You will be asked if you want to redeem your Landis GO! points. Select ‘Yes’. Select method of payment.  Your total savings will be reflected on the pump screen and will automatically reduce your price per gallon, up to a maximum of 15 gallons. Your savings are good on any grade of gas at the pump.  (Due to regulations, your total cost of gas after discount cannot go below one cent per gallon) Pump your gas. Your point balance will automatically reset to zero after each redemption of points for gas savings. You are now ready to shop at Landis Market and earn more gas savings towards your next fill up!

The Landis Fuel Center is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week with the Landis GO! card.    

*For a list of participating fuel partners, check the bottom of your register receipt, our website ( or stop by any of our customer service counters in any of our stores for this information.     

9) How many Landis GO! points can I redeem?
A: Your total Landis GO! point balance will be redeemed in the same transaction.  For example, if you have 3025 points, you will save ten cents per gallon, up to 15 gallons and your Landis GO! point balance will be reset to zero.  Point totals automatically reset to zero after each fuel redemption. (Due to regulations, your total cost of gas after discount cannot go below one cent per gallon.)

10) When will my Landis GO! points expire?
A: As an active customer, your Landis GO! points will never expire. Points accumulated for gas savings will only expire 60 days after the last use of your Landis GO! card at any Landis Market.

11) How many gallons of gas is my Landis GO! points discount good for?
A: Your discount is valid for up to 15 gallons of gas in a single transaction.  Once you redeem your points for gas, your point balance will reset to zero.

12) What if I want to put more than 15 gallons of gas in my vehicle?
A: This requires two transactions if you are redeeming your Landis GO! points.  The maximum discount is on 15 gallons and the pump will stop at 15 gallons and the transaction will end.  You will need to start a new transaction to fill the remaining gas you want. (You will still need to swipe your Landis GO! card to purchase the remaining gas desired.)

13) Do I need my Landis GO! card to purchase gas at the Landis Fuel Center?

A: Yes, to purchase gas any time even if you do not have any points to redeem, you need to use your Landis GO! card.

14) Do I need the Landis GO! card to receive the advertised sale prices?
A: The Landis GO! card is a REWARD card.  Most advertised specials will not require the Landis GO! card.  From time to time, special promotions that we offer may only be available with your Landis GO! card (see store for details…).   All promotions that offer gas savings will require using your Landis GO! card.  Look for the Landis GO! card picture on signs and shelf tags for participating products and promotions that require you to use your Landis GO! card.

15) Can I transfer my Landis GO! points to another household or give them to charity?

A: No, points are non-transferable.

16) Can other members within my household use my Landis GO! card?
A: Yes, When you sign up you will receive two key tags and two wallet sized cards all linked to the same household account.

17) What happens if I forget my Landis GO! card while grocery shopping?
A: Provided you listed your telephone number with area code on your application, you may give your phone number to the cashier at checkout to earn your gas savings. Please allow 60 days after signup for your information to be entered into our database. In order to receive your gas savings at the fuel pump you need to have your Landis GO! card with you. (*The fuel pumps do not accept the telephone number.)

18) What if I lose my Landis GO! card or change my address or telephone number?

A: Stop by our customer service counter to update your card information for change of address or telephone number.  If your card was lost or stolen, our customer service personnel will cancel your lost or stolen card and issue you a new one and they will transfer any existing points from the lost/stolen card to your new card.

19) What if an item that features Landis GO! points is out of stock?
A: Rainchecks for items with GO! points will be issued for circular advertised items only.

20) What if I have more questions about the Landis GO! card?

A: Call our store or stop by our customer service counter. We would be glad to answer any questions you may have.


Quick Facts about the Landis GO! card

1) You determine your gas savings. The more participating products you buy, the more gas savings you earn!

2) Gas savings discount is valid up to 15 gallons of gas in a single transaction

3) Price of gas after Landis GO! point redemption cannot be less than one cent per gallon

4) No cash back

5) All points are redeemed in a single gas transaction and your point balance is reset to zero.

6) Some purchase (Earning of points for Landis GO! card gas savings) restrictions apply:  Offer excludes the purchase of fuel, price-controlled milk products, state-and federally-funded pharmacy prescriptions, postage stamps, lottery tickets, any gift cards, money orders,  copy, fax machine service, delivery charges, fund-raising activities, donations, returned check services fees,  coin-counting machine redemptions, and items prohibited by law.  Landis GO! card gas savings discounts are calculated after all of the aforementioned items, all store discounts and all store coupons (including manufacturer coupons) have been subtracted from the order.  Landis GO! card gas savings discounts are not earned on the amount of sales tax and other taxes paid by the consumer. Products and/or services excluded from the Landis GO! Reward Program are subject to change; check our website for updates.

7) Program is subject to change at the discretion of Landis Supermarket, Inc. 

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