Three Strikes and You SAVE ON GAS! 


 Shop with your Landis GO! card and earn GAS SAVINGS for each Sunday strikeout thrown by your favorite Philadelphia red and white team’s starting pitcher!



Use your Landis GO! card every time you shop from Sunday through Saturday. When your store purchase totals reach $75 ,   you will receive a Strikeout Savings coupon offer printed at the bottom of your receipt, valid for  

2¢ OFF PER GALLON OF GAS (600 GO! points) FOR shoppingbagEACH STRIKEOUT

thrown by Philadelphia red and white team’s STARTING PITCHER in that weekend’s upcoming Sunday game. Save your coupon! 


Sunday is Strikeout Game Day! HowManyStrikeouts 


Check our website's home page or in-store beginning the day after the game to find out the Official Sunday Strikeout Total and how much you can SAVE ON GAS! 

GO! Email Club members will receive an email with this information.CLICK HERE to join our GO! email club!


SCApumpN your Landis GO! card and Strikeout Savings coupon at checkout  Wednesday through Saturday following the game. Receive 2¢ OFF per gallon of gas (600 GO! points), per strikeout. GO! points will be added to your account and are INSTANTLY redeemable for GAS SAVINGS!

Examples of how you can save on gas:
1 strikeout = 2¢ OFF per gallon (600 GO! points)...
5 strikeouts = 10¢ OFF per gallon (3000 GO! points)...
10 strikeouts = 20¢ OFF per gallon! (6000 GO! points)

Shop at Landis to earn your NEXT Strikeout Savings coupon!




Purchases of fuel, gift cards, money orders, stamps and tax are excluded from the Strikeout Savings program and are not applied to minimum purchase requirement. $75 purchase requirement can be reached in multiple transactions within the same Sunday thru Saturday earning week. Limit one coupon redeemed per week per cardholder account. No purchase required when redeeming coupon. Coupons are non-transferable. Coupon expires last day of redemption period which is listed on coupon.

Sunday Strikeout Savings program applies to games played by the Philadelphia red and white team. Only strikeouts thrown by the starting pitcher will be applied towards gas savings. Subsequent pitchers’ strikeouts will not apply to the strikeout total.  If the event is postponed - the coupon will be valid for the next game played. If the game is a double-header, Strikeout Savings will apply to the first game played. Official Sunday Strikeout Totals (as determined by Landis Supermarket) will be posted in-store, on our website, in our GO! email club newsletter beginning the day after the game.



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